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If you are looking for hotels in Pisz with an ideal location, we recommend those in the centre of town. Every hotel in the centre of Pisz offers convenient accommodation close to all of the important places in town, including the lakes.

    Near Centre

    As Pisz is not a big town, hotels near the centre of it are also quite close to all of its attractions. Besides that, they guarantee peaceful surroundings, so the hotels in this location may be worth taking into consideration. Most hotels situated here are also relatively close to Ros Lake.

      Outside Pisz

    • Kaliszki
    • Pisz hotel market

      Pisz is less popular than other Masurian towns of Ruciane-Nida or Mikolajki, but this is undoubtedly an advantage and a great reason to stay in a hotel in Pisz. Pisz makes a good starting point for exploring the region. It is a good location, within a short distance of other lakes in Masuria, and there is a primeval forest in the vicinity. Pisz hotels are not numerous, but as there are also some guesthouses then finding a good accommodation in Pisz should be rather simple. The best Pisz accommodation options are on STAYPOLAND.

      Hotels Pisz

      Check our best accommodation offers in Pisz


      Nad Pisą

      Starting from:60 EUR

      Złota Łania Wiartel Resort&Spa

      Starting from:182 EUR

      Joseph Conrad

      Starting from:88 EUR

      Jabłoń Lake Resort

      Starting from:152 EUR


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