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City Centre

Most of the hotels in Plock are situated within the city centre. A location in the centre of Plock is very convenient whether you are coming as a tourist or paying a business visit. Some of the best hotels in Plock are located in the Old Town area, on the right bank of the Vistula River.

  • Old Town
    In Plock’s Old Town area, there are plenty of interesting monuments like the Basilica and the Castle of Mazovian Dukes, which was the capitol of Poland in the 12th Century. There are also some nice hotels in this area, as well. Plock is a quickly-developing, medium-sized city which attracts many business visitors, who find the hotels in the Old Town area very suitable. Besides that, it is one of the oldest cities in Poland. For a short period of time, it was even the residence of Polish kings.

Near City Centre

If sightseeing is not the main purpose of your visit to Plock, perhaps you should consider staying in one of the hotels near the city centre. For many travellers, especially those arriving on business, this can be a convenient location, not far from all of the important places in Plock.

  • North

Plock hotel market

When you arrive in Plock, which was one of the former capitals of Poland back in the 12th century, you may be impressed by the size of the city and that its centre is quite interesting. There is a sufficient number of Plock hotels and private rooms, together giving more than 10 options. However, the mid-range option is the best choice for a pleasurable stay, and the number of Plock hotels offering this can be counted on the fingers of one hand. They are all close to the old town, marvellously overlooking the Vistula river valley.
The city is important for the petroleum industry. Orlen, the company with highest revenue in Poland, is based in Plock. Apart from this major industry there are several other important enterprises and businesses, and these may be the reason for your need for accommodation in one of the hotels in Plock. Consider coming for the weekend, where in contrast to weekdays the hotels will be empty and well priced. The best Plock hotels are listed in our reservation system. Feel free to reserve and discover Plock and its environs: including Wloclawek town and the open-air folk museum in Sierpc.

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