Polanica-Zdrój hotels


If you are looking for well-located hotels in Polanica-Zdroj, we highly recommend those in the town centre. Hotels in this area provide comfortable accommodation in close proximity to all of the key areas in the resort.

    Polanica-Zdrój hotel market

    Polanica-Zdroj is a popular Polish spa resort. Since it is more related to sanatoria, the hotels more often cater to people with health problems than to leisure travellers. Nevertheless, the town’s accommodation options includes high-standard rooms and apartments as well as many guesthouses for budget travellers. For such a small resort there are quite a lot accommodation choices but in the summer and winter seasons, it may be a problem to book a hotel. Therefore, we strongly advise that you book your accommodation in advance.

    Hotels Polanica-Zdrój

    Check our best accommodation offers in Polanica-Zdrój

    Polanica Zdrój

    Hotel Polanica Resort & Spa

    Starting from:86 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój

    Bukowy Park

    Starting from:95 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój

    Hotel SPA Dr Irena Eris Polanica Zdrój

    Starting from:260 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój

    Kolorowe Pola Boutique B&B My Week

    Starting from:38 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój


    Starting from:88 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój

    Villa Alina MEDICAL & SPA

    Starting from:97 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój

    Villa Polanica****

    Starting from:74 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój


    Starting from:39 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój


    Starting from:42 EUR
    Polanica Zdrój

    Villa Lessing

    Starting from:51 EUR


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