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City Centre

The centre of Przemysl offers several options for good accommodation in a comfortable hotel. From the centrally located hotels in Przemysl, it is easy to get to the Old Town area and the railway station. Such a hotel in Przemysl should satisfy even the most demanding visitors, who should keep in mind that the city is not among the most modern in Poland.

  • Old Town
    Some of the hotels in Przemysl are situated within the Old Town area, a picturesque district in the city centre, close to the San River. Hotels in the Old Town area of Przemysl provide superb conditions for both tourists and business visitors in Przemysl.

Przemyśl hotel market

Arriving in Przemysl, you will feel the breath of Eastern Poland. On one hand it is magical and romantic to visit one of the largest of the former Austro-Hungarian fortress towns, while on the other hand the centre has been in a state of relative disrepair since Przemysl lost its position as a voivodship town. Many people enjoy the atmosphere, charismatic of an old movie where time stands still, and so we cannot but recommend visiting the town. The saying that the city is reflected in its hotels can be confirmed in the case of Przemysl hotels. Hotels in Przemysl are run and staffed by pleasant people, but as objects in themselves the Przemysl hotels have a 1980s or even more historical look. They are all functional and when being in Przemysl it is quite convenient to stay in a typical Przemysl hotel too. We are sure that your visits will help improve the local infrastructure. Przemysl hotels are also convenient as a starting point for a trip to L’viv and other interesting regions in western Ukraine.

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