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City Centre

Although Rzeszow is not the most popular tourist destination in Poland, this ancient Galician town is definitely worth visiting. Some of the hotels in Rzeszow are situated within the city centre, which has a pretty (though not very large) Old Town area. In the city centre, you can visit the castle, the Town Hall and the Bernardine Monastery. The railway station will be in close proximity to your central hotel in Rzeszow, about five minutes on foot from the main Market Square.

  • Main Square
    The main square is the historical centre of the town. It has many restaurants and cafés. During the summertime, it teems with life, especially because of the young people who like to spend time there.
  • Railway Station
    The railway station is situated north of the Old Town area. The area around the main railway station is centrally located and could be called the downtown area. There are also several public institutions in this area.

Near City Centre

Hotels near the centre of Rzeszow offer acceptable accommodation at a reasonable price. These hotels are situated within areas which are within walking distance (10-20 minutes or only a couple minutes by taxi) from the city centre, but the areas are generally much quieter. Some of them are close to international routes, which might present an additional advantage for such accommodation in Rzeszow.

  • North
  • South

Outside City Centre

Quiet areas in the suburbs of Rzeszow are recommended either for those who are seeking a good rest or if Rzeszow is only a stop-over on your way to Ukraine, Slovakia or the picturesque Bieszczady Mountains. Hotels in this area of Rzeszow guarantee you comfortable accommodation at a moderate price.

  • North
  • South
  • Świlcza
  • West

Rzeszow hotel market

The Sub-Carpathian province is considered to be the most far-flung area in Poland. By train it can take 7 hours to get there only from Warsaw, let alone the Northwest of the country. (There is however a possibility to fly with LOT). Subcarpathia region has an enormous tourist potential, but so far it has remained undeservedly off the beaten track. Rzeszow, as the regional capital reflects this ill-fated situation. There are quite many hotels in Rzeszow, but they do not receive their rightful attention.
People in these areas are really nice and they really care. Given the choice of Rzeszow hotels we present and the friendly service, you should not be dismayed about a potential visit to this town. Should you be coming as a tourist and book a hotel in Rzeszow, consider the large number of tourist destinations around Rzeszow: Lancut, Lezajsk, Jaroslaw, Przemysl, Lesko, Zamosc or the Bieszczady mountains further to the southeast. Any Rzeszow hotel is also a good option if you travel to Ukraine, in particular the beautiful city of L’viv (Lwow).

Hotels Rzeszow

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