Some of the best hotels in Sandomierz are situated within the centre of town. Hotels in this area of Sandomierz can be excellent if you wish to enjoy the architecture and charming atmosphere of this small town. The most famous attractions in this area are the Opatowska Gate, the Town Hall, the Cathedral and the Dlugosz House, which now houses the Diocesan Museum.

  • Old Town

Outside the Town

  • Dwikozy
  • Sandomierz hotel market

    Sandomierz is one of the best quaint little historical Polish cities and an attractive weekend-break resort. Sandomierz is so picturesque that you will feel the need to stay overnight in one of the hotels in Sandomierz. In total, there are more than 800 places available in Sandomierz hotels. Most of the accommodation options are of the lower mid-range standard or are lodgings convenient for the numerous school groups. However, there are several hotels in Sandomierz that will meet the requirements of the demanding mid-range traveller.
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