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We recommend the centre of town to all travellers looking for the best location for hotels in Sanok. Hotels in this area of Sanok offer convenient accommodation close to all of the main places in town, and provide good conditions for both business travellers and holiday-makers visiting Sanok.

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    As Sanok is a small town, hotels near its centre are still quite close to all of the important spots. The main sight of Sanok, Poland’s largest folk art museum (Skansen) is near the city centre, to the east beyond the San River. Hotels in this area of Sanok might be a good opportunity for those who are planning to visit the Solina Dam, which is 20 kilometres southwards, or to explore the Bieszczady Mountains, which begin some 25 kilometres beyond the dam.

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    Sanok is a picturesque, medium sized city situated at the foot of Bieszczady Mountains. Hotels in Sanok are a good option for spending a relaxing holiday as the town is close to Lake Solina with its highly developed sports facilities. Sanok is an attractive town that can be used as a stopover on the way to Slovakia and Ukraine. Although there are not many places that offer accommodation in Sanok, you do not need to be afraid of a shortage of rooms.
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