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This is a nice location for hotels in Szczawnica, close to the spa park, pump rooms and all of the most important places in town. These hotels can be recommended to all those who want to spend their holiday in a beautiful area, not far away from the amenities of Szczawnica. It’s also a good location for people interested in improving their health in one of the resort’s facilities.

    Szczawnica hotel market

    Szczawnica is a small town located at the foot of the Pieniny Mountains. Szczawnica is popular thanks to its picturesque location. This little town is also known for its curable mineral water deposits, and attracts visitors with its proximity to the Pieniny Mountains and the opportunity to take advantage of local attractions such as raft trips along Dunajec Gorge. The hotels in Szczawnica are numerous, but it’s advisable to book in advance, as the resort is quite popular. There are also some other types of accommodation in Szczawnica, such as guesthouses and villas.

    Hotels Szczawnica

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    Batory Szczawnica

    Starting from:49 EUR

    Hotel Szczawnica Park Resort & Spa

    Starting from:113 EUR

    Modrzewie Park Hotel

    Starting from:190 EUR

    Smile Pieniny

    Starting from:49 EUR

    SPA Budowlani

    Starting from:52 EUR


    Starting from:56 EUR


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