Top places in Poland: Warsaw

The capital of Poland is an exciting city of contrasts with a poignant history to tell. Severely demolished (destroyed up to 85%) in World War II: to see the contrasts visit the Old Town and the remains of the Jewish ghetto area. Postwar reconstruction implanted socialist realist architecture and drab housing blocks, while post-communism development brought glossy and award-winning modern buildings.

Top attractions in Warsaw

Travelling to Warsaw? See the list of the top-rated tourist attractions in Warsaw.

A must-see places in Warsaw:

  • Old Town (Market Square / Rynek Starego Miasta, faithfully reconstructed streets and churches, secluded courtyards, Zamek Królewski: Royal
    Castle interiors, viewing terrace on Gnojna Góra, captivating Warsaw Historical Museum, the Barbakan);
  • Palace of Culture (viewing terrace on the 30th floor);
  • Łazienki Royal Castle and Gardens (walk, interiors, Chopin monument);
  • Royal Route (stroll from Plac Zamkowy to Łazieńki Park: on the way you can make
    a short detour to the Sejm parliamentary buildings and Zamek Ujazdowski castle: modern art exhibitions and a restaurant with superb view);
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum (interiors, outdoor memorial wall)

Places to see if you have time

  • Wilanów Royal Castle (outskirts; castle interiors, walk in fine gardens, Polish poster museum);
  • New Town (reconstructed streets and churches, Marie Curie-Skłodowska museum);
  • Plac Piłsudskiego (changing of guards on the square, beautiful Saxon gardens);
  • Plac Teatralny (the Great Theatre, trendy night clubs);
  • Foksal / Nowy Świat / Chmielna Streets (restaurants and cafés);
  • the former Jewish ghetto (walk with a guide: wall remnants, various memorials, the Nożyk synagogue, Próżna Street, Jewish cemetery, Jewish Historical Institute);
  • National Museum (a superb gallery of Polish medieval and modern art);
  • Polish Army Museum (free entry to the courtyard with combat equipment such as tanks and unique aircraft);
  • Fotoplastykon (historical 3D pictures);
  • Praga district (right bank: Ząbkowska and Okrzei streets where walls are riddled with bullet holes from World War II, the old river port, Army memorial, Orthodox
    church, and the zoo);
  • Plac Konstytucji and the classic and imposing 1950’s MDM social realist shopping and residential area (Muranów district is a good
    alternative if you want to see the 1950’s architecture);
  • Zachęta Art Gallery (premium temporary exhibitions of modern art);
  • Jan Paweł II Paintings Gallery (a peculiar, forlorn collection of European works of art);
  • BUW (Warsaw University Library: a modern architectural masterpiece with an interesting entrance hall and rooftop gardens);
  • AWF (University of physical education, north of the centre; intriguing functionalist architecture – if you like that, check also the halls of Polytechnika and SGH universities);
  • Powązki cemetery;
  • Złote Tarasy & Arkadia: the biggest and most opulent Polish shopping malls;
  • Kopiec Powstania Warszawskiego (man-made hill in Sadyba district built to commemorate the Warsaw Uprising);


Recommended Warsaw tours

Joyful Day in Warsaw

9 Hours
Departure from:
Price on request
Tour highlights:
  • famous pierogi tasting
  • sightseeing of the Phoenix City
  • unique Chopin music concert

Jewish Heritage Tour

3 Hours
Departure from:
Starting from:66 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • hidden traces of Jewish culture and history
  • places known for the Oscar-Winning The Pianist movie

Polish Cooking Class

4 Hours
Departure from:
no reviews/5
Starting from:76 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • cooking experience in the heart of Warsaw
  • home-made and organic food
  • amazing stories about Polish culinary
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