Jewish Heritage Tour

Before WW II, Warsaw had one of the greatest numbers of Jewish inhabitants in the world. Although their heritage was almost annihilated by the Germans in 1944, when almost all of central Warsaw became a field of rubble, there are still several hidden traces of Jewish culture and history. The tour leads through the now somewhat somber business districts, but proves very elucidating for everybody interested in one of the most tragic events of the past century. For this tour we use the services of specialised guides.

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During the tour you will see the Monument to the Warsaw that expresses the tragedy of the Ghetto (where the German chancellor, Willy Brandt, unexpectedly knelt down in 1970), Zamenhofa Street, the remains of Nalewki Street which once teemed with business life, Mila Street (including the bunker where the commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, Mordechai Anielewicz, committed suicide), the Umschlagplatz Wall (from where 300,000 people were deported in cattle trucks for Treblinka death camp in 1942 where they were gassed upon arrival), enter the Nozyk Synagogue (the only remaining synagogue in Warsaw), the Jewish Theatre (the only professional Yiddish-language theatre in Europe), the Jewish Cemetery (where Zamenhof is buried, the creator of Esperanto language), and the former Orphanage of Dr. Janusz Korczak, who refused to be saved and accompanied his Jewish children to meet his death in Treblinka.

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