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Historical Centre

The Old Town complex is the oldest part of Torun. It consists of the Old Town, the New Town and the Teutonic Castle. Gothic churches, historic tenement houses, narrow cobbled streets as well as the Philadelphia Boulevard attract great numbers of tourists from all over the world. The 14th-15th century buildings now house museums, restaurants, cafés and hotels. It far from difficult to find something tasty to eat or a good hotel to stay at in Torun. Thanks to its unique mediaeval architecture the historic centre of Torun was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The streets: Mostowa, Male Garbary, Mikolaja Kopernika, and Chelminska are but a few of the most beautiful walkways in the Old and New Town.

  • Old Town
    The Old Town is a unique historic landmark with 550 monuments situated within its limits. The original 13th-century layout of streets has not changed till the present day. The southern part of the Old Town borders with Philadelphia Boulevard which sits directly on the banks of the Vistula. The Church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Cathedral of St. Johns as well as the City Hall all tower over the mediaeval, red-brick buildings. Hotels in the Old Town are located in historic, burgher and merchant’s houses near the most important tourist attractions and many restaurants, pubs and shops. The Old Town of Torun is one of the most beautiful sites in Poland. It is worth booking a hotel there to spend at least a couple of days in the hometown of Copernicus.
  • New Town
    The New Town is situated to the east of the Old Town. The border between both parts of the Old Town is Podmurna street. Similar to the Old Town, you can find mediaeval houses in New Town, although with a more regular, rectangular layout of streets. It is worth paying attention to its numerous monuments including the square-shaped New Town market square, the Church of St. James and the Church of St. Nicholas as well as the Former Evangelical Church (now the Church of the Holy Trinity). When sightseeing across this part of town one must not overlook all the cafés and hotels. Good hotels are really easy to find in the New Town.
  • Teutonic Castle Area
    In the second half of the 13th century, between the Old Town, the New Town and the Vistula River, the Teutonic Knights built the biggest fortified structure within the region. The remains of the castle that are preserved until today continue to attract visitors in great number year-round. The site is constantly vibrant with life thanks to open-air events which are held on a regular basis. There is one 4-star hotel in the immediate vicinity of the castle. There are also other, equally attractive hotels within walking distance from the ruins. Torun attracts large crowds of tourists year after year, especially from May to October.


The northern part of Torun which consists of Chełmińskie Przedmieście, Mokre, Koniuchy and Wrzosy districts boasts more of a utilitarian rather than touristic character. Visitors as well as inhabitants can visit exhibitions in two museums: the Ethnographic Museum and the Centre for Contemporary Art. The area has as many as three higher education institutions as well as shopping malls, coach stations and a railway. The main roads are Grudziądzka and Szosa Chełmińska, which lead out of the city northwards. The hotels in the upper Torun area are of diverse standards. Thus, everyone can find accommodation suitable to their needs.

    The East

    The districts situated to the west of the Old Town, i.e. Jakubskie Przedmieście, Rubinkowo, Katarzynka, Grębocin nad Strugą, Bielawy, Na Skarpie and Kaszczorek, serve mainly the inhabitants of Torun. The area encompasses railway stations, a Municipal Hospital, the Children’s Hospital, the “Galeria Copernicus” shopping centre and the Toruń Plant of Dressing Materials (Toruńskie Zakłady Materiałów Opatrunkowych). A large part of this area is occupied by allotments. Sites worth visiting in the area include the Church of St. Catherine and the Church of the Rise of the Holy Cross, Museum of the Artillery and the Homestaead Land for Agricultural Labourers and Fishermen. Szosa Lubicka is a ways out of town towards north-east or south-east. There aren’t as many hotels in this area as in the historic centre, but it is possible to find a decent hotel here. Accessing the city’s main tourist attractions is pretty easy and quick, even if you stay outside the very centre of Torun.

      The West

      The western districts of Torun – Bydgoskie Przedmieście, Rybaki, Bielany, Barbarka and Starotoruńskie Przedmieście – play a vital role in the everyday functioning of the city. It is here that the city’s most important communications hubs are located: the Torun-Bielany airfield, 3 river ports and a railway station. It is also the centre of student life. There are university buildings, students’ halls of residence and student clubs, which attract hordes of young people to the area. Also several museums, a shopping centre, and nearby hotels are available to both tourists and the city’s inhabitants. Władysława Broniewskiego, the longest street in the area, is connected with Szosa Bydgoska and leads directly to Bydgoszcz. It is worth paying attention to Bydgoska street, situated near the Old Town, due to its Art Nouveau burgher houses. Guests who book a hotel in this district will enjoy a number of attractions. Torun, a thriving academic centre, is also famous for its exciting nightlife.

        Torun hotel market

        The accommodation sector in Toruń is well-developed. If you are looking for a place to stay in the city of Nicolaus Copernicus you will easily find an option suitable for you both in the economy and luxury sector. The biggest number of vacancies can be found in medium-standard 3-star hotels. It is also not difficult to find a 2-star or 4-star hotel. Interestingly, there isn’t a single 5-star hotel in Toruń. Vast majority of places offering accommodation are located within the historic centre, in picturesque and historic tenement houses. They are mainly targeted at tourists willing to visit the numerous monuments situated nearby. The hotels located outside the very centre are characterised by a more modern design. They are also suitable for business travellers or larger groups. Due to the touristy character of the city, the season lasts from April to September. It is recommended to book accommodation well in advance in this period, so as to choose an option best suited to one’s expectations.

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