Jewish Heritage

Throughout the ages Lublin was a very important centre of Jewish culture and the Yiddish language. You will visit all the places connected with Jewish heritage in this city, starting your tour from the Castle Square where once, a long time ago, Szeroka Street cut through the traditionally Jewish part of the city.

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The history of Lublin’s Jewry is closely connected with the Castle, which sat like an island in the original Jewish Quarter. During WW II it was a prison, whose inmates included Jews found in public places without an armband marked with David’s Star.

Next you will head to possibly the oldest Jewish Cemetery still existing in Poland; the Old Kirkut. You will also see the New Jewish Cemetery and the building of the pre-war Academy of the Lublin Sages (Yeshiva Chachmei Lublin).

Sadly, the only synagogue not destroyed during WW II is the Synagogue of the Chevra Nossim Funeral Society (Chewra Nosim).

Afterwards we will head to the extermination camp on the outskirts of the city, in Majdanek. This was the second largest German camp in Europe after Auschwitz and here people of around 50 nationalities were imprisoned.

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