Legendary Krakow

Krakow is the perfect destination for families with children. The old city can provide a great setting for your imagination, because in the Polish tradition in abounds in mysterious places and inspires many stories about kings, supernatural characters and also ordinary, but somehow special people.

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We are sure that you and your kids will love the funny and horrifying legends, myths and fairy tales: such as about the Dragon’s den below the Wawel castle, the Lajkonik Horse – half man, half horse, the Hejnal trumpeteer shot by a Tartar arrow, the Maidens of Zwierzyniec, the mammoth trunks at the cathedral gate, the White Lady, the bell of the Drunken men, and other stories. This tour is a perfect chance to discover this fascinating historical city. We guarantee eloquent guides with a great command of English.

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Unesco world heritage monuments

Krakow Old Town

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Legendary Krakow
3 Hours
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