Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the most outstanding attractions in Europe and your visit to Krakow is incomplete without visiting this fabulous historical monument.

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The route leads you through galleries and chambers on three levels, all of these from 64 to 135 meters below the ground and including the unique and splendidly adorned Chapel of the Blessed Kinga. You need to be in a fair physical shape as the route is 2,5 km long and the tour starts by descending 400 steps down one of the main shafts (journey back by elevator, though!). And this is just a small part of the total labyrinth which has a total of 9 levels and 300 kilometers of corridors.

If you feel that 2,5 kilometers is too much to walk, we can organize an itinerary with wheelchair access.

Unesco world heritage monuments

Wieliczka Salt Mine

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Wieliczka Salt Mine
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