The most well-known cemetery and genocide site in the world. Another must-see not only for people interested in the Second World War. This former Nazi German concentration camp makes a shocking impression, because it lets anybody at least partly visualize the scope of the Holocaust.

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Auschwitz started in 1940 as a concentration camp for Polish political prisoners, and then in 1942 became the focal point for the extermination of European Jews. From 1940 to 1945 the Nazis killed about 1,500,000 here, mainly Jews but also Poles, POWs, Gypsies, Russians and other nationals. The museum-guide shows you the exhibitions in some of the surviving prison blocks, the gas chamber and the crematorium. After a short break, you will continue to Birkenau / Auschwitz II where you will ascend the watchtower above the entrance gate to catch a glimpse of this largest of all Nazi extermination camps.

Visiting Auschwitz for the first time can be shocking and we do not recommend the trip for children under 12, though on the other hand it is a place which is maintained as a memorial and people should not avoid it. We suggest that you prepare yourself for the trip by reading some of the numerous books or articles on the topic.

Unesco world heritage monuments

Auschwitz – Birkenau concentration camp

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