Jewish Galicia

The old areas of Galicia were once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before 1918. The region has still a characteristic flair and a great deal of undiscovered beauty. Until World War II it had a large Jewish population, and Jewish stories and songs often refer to it.

Duration 2 days
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transportation, English speaking driver-guide, entrance to the castle in Lezajsk, accommodation with breakfast in 3* hotel

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There are old centres of Chassidism, synagogues, cemeteries and other sites still reminiscent of a past, multicultural era. The tour focuses on Jewish history, but it includes several other very interesting attractions.

The tour program can be modified to suit your preferences.

Krakow – start of the expedition
Tarnow – a beautiful historical town with the 4th biggest Jewish settlement in Galicia (after Krakow, Lwow and Stanislawow), the place of the gruesome Tarnow homicide in 1942
Bobowa – centre of Chassidism originating from “Bobower Rebbe”, a famous synagogue
Lesko – the biggest Jewish cemetery in Poland
Accommodation in Sanok
Sanok – breakfast
Lancut – arguably the most beautiful synagogue in Poland and a visit to the famous Lancut Palace
Lezajsk – the ohel of famous tzaddik Elimelech
Optionally: Dabrowa Tarnowska – a typical shtetl town with a preserved synagogue
Krakow – arriving in the evening
This tour can be customized to the individual Client’s needs.

National & landscape parks

Lancut castle

Ohel of the famous tzaddik Elimelech in Lezajsk

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Jewish Galicia
2 Days
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