Folklore evening

Zakopane has more folklore than most places in Poland. The folklore (cheerful music, special dialect and ways of behaviour, typical costumes and tasty cuisine) is one of the reasons why Zakopane has become so popular among Poles and foreigners alike. No visit to Zakopane is complete without a direct exposure to it. Occasional concerts happen at various venues, but you have an invitation to a highlander feast.

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  • highlander show with musicians,
  • the local dishes (three-course meal: starter/soup, main course, desert, water) and the strong “highlander tea”in one of the traditional restaurants in Zakopane

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This dinner party is thrown in the very rustic settings of a typical mountain cottage. There will be music – cheerful songs accompanied by shrill violins, highlander merry-making, mutton and sheep cheese (a three-course meal), shots of vodka and the beloved “highlanders’ tea” which is dark thick dark tea loaded with white spirit. The joyful atmosphere has some of the best experiences Zakopane can offer.

On request, we can arrange also an unforgettable horse sleigh or cart ride before or after this joyful event.

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Folklore evening
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