Excursion to Slovakia

Why not catch a glimpse of the neighboring country with the major part of the Tatra Mountains?

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The major part of the Tatra Mountain range lies in Slovakia. The steep mountains are quite easy to cross through the Lysa Polana border and many people are curious what they look like from the other side. There are several interesting Slovak mountain resorts on the way (Starý Smokovec, Vyšné Hágy, Tatranské Lomnica, Štrbské Pleso) within the impressive Tatra range. There is a wealth of cultural heritage: the awesome Spišský Hrad castle and Spišká Kapitula UNESCO-listed mediaeval town, or Levoča with its beautiful wooden altar of Master Paul of Levoca, student of Veit Stoss. Another option may be the superb thermal baths in Tatralandia, which are great attractions to people living in Poland.

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Excursion to Slovakia
10 Hours
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