Joyful Day in Warsaw

This itinerary combines a cooking workshop where you learn how to prepare one of the most popular polish dishes – famous pierogi; then enjoying our beautiful capital during a private guided sightseeing tour and participating in a Chopin music concert performed by great present-day artists.

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Duration 9 hours
Availability Wednesdays, Saturdays
Group Size Max 8
Average rating 4.6/5

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Firstly you will be taught how to prepare the Polish traditional meal, famous pierogi. Remember to take this task seriously, because after workshops you will be eating the dish you cooked!

After a tasty morning, you will be taken to a private 3-hour city tour. You will see the historical part of the city, razed to the ground during Word War II and reborn like a phoenix from the ashes thanks to the local great archaeologists and conservators. The route rides down the Royal Route which goes past a number of historic landmarks, like Royal Castle, Old Town Market Square, St. Anne’s Church, Presidential Palace and much more!

While being in Warsaw, you cannot miss a chance to participate in Chopin music concert performed by great present-day pianists. Concerts are proceeded by a short introduction that make you familiar with the historical and personal background.

Unesco world heritage monuments

Warsaw Old Town

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Joyful Day in Warsaw
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