Warsaw City Walk

While visiting a city on your own it is easy to miss many interesting things. Our Warsaw city walk (an Introduction to Warsaw) provides a great way for you to discover more about Warsaw at a very reasonable price – you do not pay per person but per guide.

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Your private, local guide will help you to get a better understanding of Warsaw. We suggest an itinerary, but do not be afraid to discuss your preferences with your guide. Our guides are founts of peculiar information and stories, and do not give an express history lesson – unless that is what you want. We only use knowledgeable and flexible city guides.

Learn more about life during the Warsaw Uprising and under communism, about business centres and issues that absorb the attention of Warsaw’s citizens today. Listen to legends from the old times, learn about elections of Polish kings and the secrets of enclosed courtyards of Varsovian houses, uncover the former location of a mausoleum of a Russian tsar, learn what is original housing and what was rebuilt 70 years ago, and find where the Warsaw Pact was signed.

The sightseeing route usually leads through the Old Town, so painstakingly restored after being completely destroyed during WWII that in 1980 it was added to the UNESCO Heritage List. You will have the opportunity to see the Old Town Market Square, the New Town, the Barbican, St John’s Cathedral and the Royal Castle. You will not miss the Saxon Gardens with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the imposing Palace of Culture and Science. You will see also the Great Theatre with its interesting Apollonian Quadriga in its tympanum, and stroll along the Royal Route to the Holy Cross Church containing the urn with Chopin’s heart.

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Unesco world heritage monuments

Warsaw Old Town

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Warsaw City Walk
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