Tours with guaranteed departure dates for 2019 available for booking

poland tour packages 2019

We are pleased to announce that our top rated tours with guaranteed departure dates for 2019 are now available for booking!

The Grand Tour of Poland and the Polish Dream Tour have been top selling tours of Poland for years. Depending on your choice, a fascinating journey around Poland may lasts 12 or 16 days, giving you an unique chance to visit all major tourist attractions in Poland and deep insight into history of our beautiful country.

Please feel free to compare the conditions we offer with our competitors. By choosing one of the StayPoland’s itineraries you are guaranteed to travel in a small group with maximum 25 participants. What is more, you will be accommodated only in top quality hotels. Last, but not least, our cancellation policy is very favorable.

For all those who decide to join our Grand Tour of Poland or Polish Dream Tour in 2019 by the end of August, we have prepared a special offer – 10% discount! Just enter the promo code “10sp2019” before sending tour request form.

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Check recommended Poland tours

The Essence of Poland NEW TOUR

10 Days
Departure from:
no reviews/5
Starting from:1390 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • all Poland’s top attractions
  • several UNESCO listed sites
  • small group for a maximum of 15 people
13 days

Pearls of the East

13 Days
Departure from:
Starting from:2037 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • Poland beyond the beaten paths
  • full of wild nature and cultural diversity
  • small groups for a maximum of 15 people
12 days

Grand Tour of Poland

12 Days
Departure from:
Starting from:1837 EUR
Tour highlights:
  • varied program with many unusual experiences
  • perfect balance of Polish nature, culture and culinary
  • small groups for a maximum of 25 people
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