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Ustronie Morskie, a summer resort at the seaside with notable high cliffs along the coast, offers quite a wide range of accommodation. In Ustronie Morskie you may find some hotels, guesthouses, rooms for rent and even a health resort. Despite the significant amount of accommodation on offer, you may face some problems with finding a hotel in Ustronie during the peak season, so we recommend early reservation.

Hotels Ustronie Morskie

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Ustronie Morskie

Lambert Medical SPA****

Starting from:109 EUR
Ustronie Morskie

Alka Sun Resort

Starting from:52 EUR
Ustronie Morskie


Starting from:87 EUR
Ustronie Morskie


Starting from:29 EUR
Ustronie Morskie

Hotelik RUMPEL

Starting from:25 EUR
Ustronie Morskie

Ośrodek Wypoczynkowy Gwarek

Starting from:70 EUR
Ustronie Morskie


Starting from:47 EUR


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