Warsaw hotels

Historical Centre

Historical area with many superb Warsaw hotels includes the most pictureque districts of the city. These hotels in Warsaw are recommendable both for tourists and other visitors, who want to give their stay a charming flair of Warsaw’s past. A very good choice is also the Warsaw apartments in the Old Town area.

  • New Town
    In this nice and calm district adjacent to the Old Town there are several fine hotels in Warsaw.
  • Old Town
    A small and lovely district of Old Town used to be a heart of Warsaw for long centuries. There are not many hotels, but you may be sure that this Warsaw accommodation is one of the best in the city. The finest monuments, galleries, restaurants and pubs would be close to your hotel in Warsaw Old Town.
  • Royal Route
    The long boulevard Royal Route links the Old Town with the former summer royal residence. Flanked by several monuments and plenty of cafes, galleries and shops, it can be a very good location of your hotel in Warsaw. Hotel in this area has a good connection with the other districts of Warsaw.

City Centre

Warsaw downtown is a vivid business area with many high buildings and a wide range of hotels. Warsaw hotels offer many diverse options of accommodation and our directory would be helpful to select the ideal hotel in Warsaw.

  • Muranów
  • Northern Downtown
    Northern Downtown is the centre of the city, spreading north of the Palace of Culture. There are several fantastic Warsaw hotels in the area and new ones are being built. It may be a great location of your hotel in Warsaw, in the heart of the business centre and close to the most attractive sights.
  • Palace of Culture
    Some of the best hotels in Warsaw are situated in “the centre of the centre” which is indicated by the Palace of Culture. From each of these hotels it is easy to get to any point in Warsaw, including airport. We strongly recommend this location of hotels in Warsaw.
  • Powiśle
  • Southern Downtown
    Southern Downtown is the impressive area around the Palace of Culture, the main railway station and the nearby squares. There are a few good Warsaw hotels which provide a convenient accommodation in Warsaw centre, close to the communication hubs and commercial centres.
  • Western Downtown

Near City Centre

Districts near the centre offer usually the more quiet and lower-priced locations of Warsaw hotels. All the hotels in Warsaw situated near centre are not too distant, so getting to the centre from your hotel in Warsaw would be very simple.

  • East
  • North
  • South
  • West

Okecie Airport

Fryderyk Chopin’s Airport at Okecie district is 8 kilometres the south of the downtown. There are several good Warsaw hotels nearby and a good and quick connection to the centre. A hotel in Warsaw near the airport may be a proper choice if you plan to travel further.

  • 17 Stycznia
  • Krakowska
  • Zwirki i Wigury

Outside City Centre

If you look for economic hotels in Warsaw, consider Warsaw hotels outside city centre.. You are likely to have a deal price at your hotel on Warsaw outskirts, but you will spend a lot of time commuting to the centre. There are several special upper range hotels outiside Warsaw centre.

  • East
  • North
  • South
  • West

Outside Warsaw

Warsaw agglomeration consists of many smaller localities, situated near Warsaw. Hotels in this area are quite popular although the journey to the centre would take quite a long time.

  • South
  • West

Warsaw hotel market

In the past years Warsaw has seen a big boom of the hotel industry. Several new Warsaw hotels have been built. Hotels in Warsaw are focused on business clients, therefore you can save a lot by staying in a hotel in Warsaw at weekends or during tourist season (midJune-August). High-class Warsaw hotels often give discounts and there are also several very good mid-range hotels: our website will be helpful in finding them for you.
Our Warsaw hotel directory presents an offer of the best hotels in the Polish capital. Our offices are in Warsaw and personally inspected all the listed Warsaw hotels to verify the accommodation standard. Feel free to use this Warsaw hotel database with great discounts and hotel availability.

Hotels Warsaw

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