Wierchomla Wielka hotels

Outside Piwniczna-Zdroj – Wierchomla Mala
This location is perfect for everyone who appreciates relaxation in the open air. Wierchomla Mala offers a close proximity to sport objects and ski lifts. It is also a great place to start mountain excursions and skiing.

Wierchomla Wielka hotel market

Piwniczna-Zdroj is a popular health resort, and as a consequence most of the hotels here are oriented towards people who care about their health and fitness. Piwniczna-Zdroj-based hotels are located in a peaceful neighbourhood, and have the advantage of the therapeutic waters and healing features of the local microclimate. A peaceful and quiet environment is a great asset for this town. Hotels in Piwniczna-Zdroj are well equipped with many spa facilities.


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