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Although there are a large number of hotels in Wisla, as well as other types of accommodation, the centre of Wisla rather lacks quality places to stay in. However, a hotel in the centre of Wisla provides easy access to every other corner of Wisla. In comparison with Ustron, Wisla’s centre attracts many more visitors, both during the winter and the summer season, so you will always find Wisla’s centre to be quite lively.

  • Near 1 Maja Street

Near Centre (Scenic Areas)

We recommend scenic neighbourhoods near the centre for your hotel in Wisla. There are various types of hotels which are situated in the picturesque, hilly area of the Beskidy Mountains. Hotels in Wisla fill up with visitors, especially during the winter and summer, when they become a paradise for skiers, hikers and nature-lovers.

  • East
  • North
  • West

Wisła hotel market

You may see Wisla as just one of several attractive resorts in the Polish Beskid Mountains. Yet, in comparison to Szczyrk, Ustron, Brenna or Korbielow, Wisla has the best tourist infrastructure. The city is associated as the home town of the national sports hero the ski jumper Adam Malysz. In the winter there are several operating ski lifts, low prices, and a genuine holiday atmosphere.
Wisla has dozens of rooms to let, guest houses and private apartments. On the other hand the quality Wisla hotels are still not so numerous and it is thus advisable book your Wisla hotel in advance. We present the top hotels in Wisla. It is best to come either during the winter for skiing or in the summer. Expect beautiful nature and clean air. Explore hotels in Wisla through StayPoland and contact us for all travel arrangements.

Hotels Wisła

Check our best accommodation offers in Wisła


Pod Jedlami

Starting from:59 EUR


Starting from:46 EUR

Centrum Green Hill Business & SPA

Starting from:60 EUR

Crystal Mountain

Starting from:135 EUR

Dom Wczasowy Beskidy

Starting from:52 EUR

Centrum Konferencji i Rekreacji Geovita

Starting from:47 EUR

Hotel Stok ski and SPA

Starting from:112 EUR


Starting from:85 EUR

Hotel*** NAT Wisła

Starting from:49 EUR

Mercure Wisla Patria

Starting from:75 EUR

Gołębiewski Wisła

Starting from:217 EUR

Wisła Mountain SPA

Starting from:94 EUR


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