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City Centre

Whatever is your purpose for coming to Wroclaw, accommodation in the centre of Wroclaw is always a good choice. From your Wroclaw hotel, it will be easy to get to the main monuments, including the Market Square or Town Hall, along with transportation hubs and commercial centres of Wroclaw. Hotels in Wroclaw, which are situated in the centre, allow you truly feel the atmosphere of the city.

  • Wider Downtown
    These locations are within a short walking distance from the Old Town area of Wroclaw. Hotels in Wroclaw which are situated in the area of wider downtown are usually located around the railway station, or on some of the centrally-located islands on the Oder River which is a great place if you look for convenient hotel in Wroclaw.
  • Old Town
    The vast and beautiful area of the pulsating Old Town, which has the best hotels in Wroclaw, is the number-one location in Wroclaw. Hotels listed in this category are located either around the Main Market Square or very close to Cathedral Island (Ostrow Tumski). Choosing to stay in the Old Town area, you can be sure your Wroclaw accommodation will be directly in the centre and that Wroclaw’s magnificent sights and many cool venues will be close to your hotel. Wroclaw is really a magnificent place which is worth to be experienced fully.

Near City Centre

Some of the hotels in Wroclaw are a bit farther away from the centre. However, from a hotel in Wroclaw’s dowtown neighbourhood, it is easy to get to the Old Town area, so accommodation in Wroclaw in this area might be very convenient, especially if you are coming on business and do not care about historical location of your Wroclaw hotel.

  • East
    The areas around Wroclaw’s fair grounds are important from a business perspective. If you are coming for leisure purposes, you will enjoy the close proximity to Szczytnicki Park, the Japanese Gardens, the eclectic Peoples’ Hall or the Zoo (further to the south), along with the Olympic Station (further to the north-east). This is a very good location for hotels in Wroclaw.
  • North
  • South
    This location is a continuation of the busy areas around the railway and coach stations. Hotels in Wroclaw situated to the south are a good choice for business visitors, and what’s more, they are also more economic than centrally located Wroclaw hotels.
  • West

Outside City Centre

We offer several hotels in Wroclaw outside of the city centre. These are usually mid-size hotels with conference facilities or budget hotels. Wroclaw offers many recreational areas which are close to these hotels, so accommodation in Wroclaw outside the city centre should also be worth taking into consideration.

  • Fabryczna (West)
    This district is situated west of the city centre on the left side of the river, close to the Wroclaw-Starachowice Airport which is located in the southern part of Fabryczna district of Wroclaw. Hotels in Fabryczna provide comfortable Wroclaw accommodation in a nice and peaceful neighbourhood.
  • Krzyki (South)
    Situated south of the centre and the railway, Krzyki is one of the most elegant quarters of Wroclaw. Hotels in Krzyki are not very numerous, but unquestionably they offer a good standard of accommodation in a silent neighbourhood. Easy connection to the centre is another advantage of these hotels in Wroclaw.
  • Psie Pole (North)
    The northern location of Psie Pole makes it an essential transportation hub towards the cities in Central Poland, so hotels in this area of Wroclaw should be taken into consideration, especially if you are travelling by car. Wroclaw hotels situated in the northern districts are also known for better prices, which can be another reason to choose one of these hotels in Wroclaw.

Outside Wrocław

Wroclaw hotel market

There are many good hotels in Wroclaw so you are really likely to find accommodation you will enjoy. We advise to take time and compare the Wroclaw hotels we have on our website – we present the best hotels in Wroclaw in each category.
For your information, in the Old Town there are up to five hotels in one street. Wroclaw hotels have very friendly staff and are customer-oriented. The boom period is late summer and early autumn when many Polish companies tend to organize meetings and conferences in Wroclaw. Hotels are often busy during those season. In other season, especially in summer and spring, Wroclaw hotels are often been booked by visitors who come sightseeing. If you want to explore this splendid city, be sure to book your hotel in Wroclaw in advance.
Information: Our Wroclaw hotel directory presents an offer of the best guesthouses and hotels in Wroclaw. We have personally inspected all the listed Wroclaw hotels to verify the accommodation standard. Our goal is to provide you with a practical Wroclaw hotel database with great discounts and hotel availability. Let us know how you liked the hotel in Wroclaw you booked via StayPoland.com. The reservation process is very easy and intuitive.

Hotels Wroclaw

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