Zielona Gora hotels

City Centre

Hotels in Zielona Gora provide convenient accommodation for business travellers, tourists or even those who are only staying there on their way to somewhere else. Hotels in the centre of Zielona Gora are situated either in the Old Town area or close to the major transportation hubs.

    Near City Centre

    Hotels in this area of Zielona Gora are not only close to the city centre, but also provide a nice stay in a quiet neighbourhood. Connection with the banks, commercial centres and main institutions will be very easy from here.

    • South
      This is a good location for Zielona Gora hotels, in a calm area close to the Palm House. Such accommodation in Zielona Gora provides easy connection with the centre. The A4 Motorway will also be within the vicinity.

    Outside City Centre

    Hotels in this area of Zielona Gora can be a good option, as the hotels outside of the centre of Zielona Gora are closer to the international and intercity routes. Besides, such accommodation guarantees a good rest in a calm neighbourhood.

    • South

    Zielona Gora hotel market

    You should not face great difficulty in finding your hotel in Zielona Gora. We offer you descriptions of the most convenient Zielona Gora hotels. Their number is quite adequate for the importance of the city. Zielona Gora is the capital of one of the smallest regions in Poland – Lubuskie county. It is interesting that some of the local government administration is managed from the second regional capital, Gorzow Wielkopolski.
    Zielona Gora hotels attract business travellers. It is strategically located near the German border, it may be a good idea to organise a conference in a Zielona Gora hotel or discover the picturesque rural and forest areas around the city.

    Hotels Zielona Gora

    Check our best accommodation offers in Zielona Gora

    Zielona Góra

    Qubus Hotel Zielona Gora

    Starting from:48 EUR
    Zielona Góra


    Starting from:66 EUR
    Zielona Góra


    Starting from:57 EUR
    Zielona Góra

    Grape Town Hotel

    Starting from:66 EUR
    Zielona Góra

    Blu Hotel

    Starting from:47 EUR
    Zielona Góra

    Pokoje Goscinne Truskawkowa 1 A

    Starting from:41 EUR
    Zielona Góra

    City Boutique Hotel

    Starting from:52 EUR
    Zielona Góra


    Starting from:46 EUR
    Zielona Góra

    Aura Hotel

    Starting from:63 EUR
    Zielona Góra

    Pensjonat Fitness & SPA GREGOR

    Starting from:49 EUR
    Zielona Góra


    Starting from:50 EUR
    Zielona Góra

    Stary Zajazd

    Starting from:37 EUR


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