Arlamow is a small village in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, 30 km from Ustrzyki Dolne. The main attraction of the place is Hotel Residence – then-property of Cabinet of Poland’s Office and the place where Lech Walesa, the subsequent President of Poland, was interned for 6 months during the martial law in 1982. Arlamow is a paradise for active visitors. One may practise nordic walking, horse riding, cycling and skiing among others here.


Relaks w TrójcyDespite its small size, Arlamow creates many possibilities of active tourism. Visitors may play golf on a 9-hole course, ride a horse, cycle on picturesque trails through the woods, fish in a pond in Jamna Valley or hunt.
Arlamow is also a paradise for keen skiers. The ski complex includes two t-bar lifts and a lit ski slope with artificially made snow if needed. There are also a ski rental and ski school here. Good skiing conditions typically last from mid-December to mid-March thanks to Arlamow’s characteristic microclimate.



Arlamow is a tiny village located in Przemysl Foothills, in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Bieszczady Mountains County and Ustrzyki Dolne Commune. Arlamow lies 30 km from the commune capital.



The village’s location on the Ancient Wallachian Law took place in the late 15th century and was made by the first owner of Arlamow, Jan Herburt (Arlamowski). The subsequent owners of Arlamow were his inheritors, who took the name Arlamowskis.
In 1776 the village was purchased by Austrian government.
In 1921 there were 144 houses and 879 people living in Arlamow. The Second World War completely destroyed the village and most of its inhabitants were displaced to the Ukraine.
In the 1970s in the terrains of the destroyed village a holiday resort of Cabinet of Poland’s Office came into existence. Apart from Arlamow it covered the terrains of: Boryslawka, Grąziowa, Jamna Gorna, Jamna Dolna, Krajna, Kwaszenina, Lomna and Trojca. The resort served as a hunting place for the ruling party’ members and their guests from other communist countries. There was even special airport Krajna (near Bircza) created for them. Currently there stands Arlamow airfield.
During the martial law Lech Walesa, then-leader of Solidarnosc movement, was interned for 6 months in Arlamow. After the fall of communism the resort was liquidated and the former hotel came into possession of Ustrzyki Dolne Commune.


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