The environs of Lipowa, which is a village of the Beskid Zywiecki Mountains, forms an attractive holiday destination that is popular both in summer and in winter. Lipowa attracts skiers with its convenient location at the foot of Mt Skrzyczne, a mountain known for its excellent slopes and well-developed infrastructure. During the warm seasons there are plenty of other attractions in and around Lipowa.



The Beskid Mountains around Lipowa form a land of wild forests cut through by brooks, encouraging one to go hiking, cycling or climbing (especially on the rocks of Mt Kobyla). Among the most recommended activities are the trips to the tops of Skrzyczne and Malinowska Skala, where you can enjoy beautiful panoramas of the neighbouring hills.

Besides this, Lipowa offers horse riding, paragliding and quad biking. Lake Zywieckie, which is not far from Lipowa, is an excellent alternative location if you are interested in water sports. If you are interested in exploring the environs in more depth, you should visit the Kuznie reserve with its interesting rocks and caves.

In winter, beyond skiing, you have the opportunity to hire snow scooters, try cross-country skiing or have sleigh ride with a bonfire party.

If you tire of all these activities, why not visit the old church of St Bartholomew in the village, with its mediaeval paintings and decorations. As the population of Lipowa does not exceed 5,000, you can expect real relaxation far from busy city life.



Lipowa is situated in the western part of the Zywiec Dale, close to the Slovak border (22 km from the border crossing in Zwardon) and the Czech border (40 km from Cieszyn). It is well connected with other towns and cities of the region, as the international route from the Czech Republic to Cieszyn, Bielsko-Biala, Katowice and Cracow passes nearby. The closest large towns are Szczyrk (10 km from Lipowa), Zywiec (10 km) and Bielsko-Biala (20 km).



The first records of Lipowa date to 1350 – documents from the period mention the local church. The territory of Lipowa, located as it is in the borderlands, often changed hands throughout history. In 1838 it became a property of the Habsburg family (until World War II).

During World War II, Lipowa and the whole Zywiec region were known for an active resistance movement.


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