Tresna is a charming area, situated about 3 km from Zywiec and 17 km from Bielsko-Biala. The location guarantees easy access to all the “big city” activities while providing the typical village tranquillity. This small tourist resort is a paradise for active visitors. Since it lies by Zywieckie Lake and at the crossroads of hiking trails, Tresna is a great destination for mountain lovers.



The location of Tresna is a paradise for anyone who likes outdoors pursuits. Water sport enthusiasts can make use of Zywieckie Lake and outdoor pools, while skiers will definitely appreciate the close proximity to slopes. The village also boasts three well-maintained tennis courts. Moreover, since Tresna lies at the crossroads of hiking trails, it is a great destination for trekkers.
This charming resort, although mostly associated with active tourism, is also popular with those who want to take it slow in nature. Tresna’s offer in this aspect is rich – anglers, mushroom- and berry-pickers will surely find many places to fulfill their passion.



Tresna is located in the Silesian Voivodeship of southern Poland. It lies in the Sola river valley, by Zywieckie Lake. The village is well located in the centre of the Beskidy Mountains, close to many winter resorts. The nearby peaks are a paradise for skiing fans – tourists can choose from a wide range of slopes: Skrzyczne (1257 m), Babia Gora (1725 m), Lipowska (1324 m), Pilsko (1557 m) and Wielka Racza (1236 m).
Tresna is a small village with its total population of 721. However, the visitor number increases greatly during winter and summer seasons. Due to its mild mountain climate, easy access to skiing and hiking trails on neighbouring slopes, Tresna attracts many tourists every year.



The first records of Tresna are from 1626. Its name was mentioned in the acts of Queen Constance of Austria, whereby she claimed the village as her property. No more than a century later, Tresna was already a part of the so-called Old-Zywiec Key (Klucz starożywiecki).
Between 1960 and 1966, the administrative authorities built a 39 m high dam on the Sola River. Unfortunately, things went awry resulting in a flood in Tresna. Since then, the village has been recovering from the tragedy and rebuilding the devastated estates.


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