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Hotels in Krakow are densely concentrated primarily around the centre, which consists of the Old Town area, Planty and Kazimierz. An active cultural life and the top tourist attractions can be found within these three districts and there are also some of the best Krakow hotels. This area offers a wide range of the excellent Krakow accommodation.

  • Old Town
    Krakow has a wonderful Old Town area, preserved in its medieval form. It bursts with life, colour and music and is certainly the #1 location of hotels in Krakow. Hotels in this area are really splendid – you can see them in almost every street of the Old Town area. Nearly all Krakow hotels situated here boast a long-standing tradition of service and beautiful surroundings of the ancient streets of Krakow. Hotels in this area of Krakow are surrounded by magnificent monuments from various epochs and are among the best in Poland.
  • Kazimierz
    Kazimierz is a charming area adjacent to Wawel Castle, Planty, and the Old Town area. Its southern border is formed by the Vistula River. If you are searching for a very good hotel in Krakow near the Old Town area, Kazimierz is the perfect location. It takes a really short time to get to the Market Square from every hotel in Krakow Kazimierz. You will be charmed by the unique atmosphere of this former Jewish district and pleased by the lower accommodation prices here.
  • Planty
    The former fortification system has been converted into a very pleasant green belt, planted with trees and peppered with benches. There are many good Krakow hotels in Planty, within just a few minutes’ walk from the Old Town area and the railway station. Taking the reasonable prices and convenient parking into consideration, hotel in Krakow situated near Planty could make a good choice.

Near City Centre

When we define a hotel in Krakow as being near the city centre, it means that you can get to the historical city centre on foot from your hotel. Krakow is pretty safe, and such a gentle walk should only take you about 10 to 30 minutes. Besides, some of these Krakow hotels are truly interesting, and several important sights near the city centre might be missed if you focused only on the Old Town area.

  • East
    Several hotels in Krakow are located east of the city centre, and deserve your attention. They are a moderate distance from the Old Town area, and close to the former Jewish district of Kazimierz. Some of these Krakow hotels lie in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens, a lovely and peaceful place.
  • North
    The hotels in Krakow situated in the city’s northern areas belong to two districts: Krowodrza and Olsza. These districts are considered silent and safe enough to provide good accommodation in Krakow outside of the historical centre. To get to the centre from your Krakow hotel, you can go by taxi or take a pleasant walk.
  • South
    The southern area of Krakow offers a wide choice of hotels, ranging from budget to higher class offerings. All the hotels in Krakow southern districts are situated on the right-hand side of the Vistula River. Some of them are equipped with conference facilities. Additional features of the area include the limestone rocks situated in the Twardowskiego Park.
  • West
    Krakow’s western districts contain several remarkable monuments, such as the Fort of Bronowice or Kosciuszko Mound, as well as some excellent hotels. Krakow is not huge, so it is often possible to get to the centre on foot. If you prefer to stay outside the bustling city centre, consider the accommodation in Krakow west of the city centre. Western districts are also selected by business people who are visiting Krakow’s fairgrounds or the Bronowice business district and look for a good hotel in Krakow.

Balice Airport

Balice Airport is situated 11 km west of Krakow. Staying in a Krakow hotel near Balice Airport is recommended for visitors who arrive by plane, but do not plan to go sightseeing in the city. It is easy to get to Katowice, Auschwitz or Tarnow from all the hotels in Krakow situated at a short distance from the airport.

    Outside City Centre

    These Krakow hotels are further off from the centre, but closer to the main roads or to the Balice Airport. It is necessary to take a taxi to your hotel in Krakow, but taxis are quite cheap and journeys short. There are some highly-recommendable Krakow hotels off the centre, usually at attractive prices.

    • East
      Good if you are on budget, if you want to travel east to Polish Galicia (Tarnow, Sandomierz, Rzeszow) or if you are interested in Nowa Huta. Hotels in Krakow’s Nowa Huta are attractive for many people who want to visit this remarkable communist-times district – now a great tourist attraction!
    • North
      There are several well-priced hotels, popular not only with conference participants and organised groups. Business travellers tend to pick these hotels because they are on the way to Warsaw.
    • South
      If you are a tourist and do not mind staying not in the very centre, look no further and choose Krakow hotels in the south, because they are on your way to Wieliczka and the Tatra Mountains.
    • West
      Staying in a hotel westwards of the centre of Krakow? Take an advantage of the easy routh to Silesia and the lovely Przegorzaly area.

    Outside Krakow

    There are some nice hotels outside Krakow, usually located close to the transportation hubs. Popular with those who are seeking good Krakow accommodation at a reasonable price, these hotels are convenient if you plan to go sightseeing or take part in other tourist attractions in the provinces of Wieliczka, Czestochowa or Auschwitz.

    • West

    Kraków hotel market

    Though Krakow (Cracow) cannot be underestimated as a business centre, it is above all a fantastic place to visit. Remember that the season starts in April and ends in October and then after the season you are always entitled to big discounts and it is hard to choose which Krakow hotel you like best, however when the season reaches its peak, it is difficult to find any accommodation, be it guesthouses or hotels. Krakow is worth visiting all year round, but if you want to come in the summer, please do book Krakow hotels in advance. We will guide your steps to any hotel in Krakow or any other beautiful Polish city. We have a growing number of Krakow hotels online for you. Using our hotel reservation system you can choose whether you want to pay in advance or directly your in the Krakow hotel.

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