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Can Poland be a country you will fall in love with at first sight? Definitely yes! Poland is an easily accessible and safe place, with beautiful cities, super friendly people, and a wide variety of things to do and places to see. Each region offers something new and unique.

Poland offers the best combination of culture, history, and cuisine. It also has unique attractions and natural wonders, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Poland is a fantastic destination that attracts all travelers, young and old.

Poland is a country worth visiting for at least a few days to have enough time to immerse yourself in Polish culture and tradition.

So, what places are definitely a must-see in Poland? Check out our short introduction to Poland’s top attractions.

“One of a kind” places in Poland


Horse carriages at main square in Krakow
Without a doubt the most popular place to visit, Krakow is Poland’s ancient capital and one of 12 UNESCO prime World Heritage sites in the country.

Kraków has a perfectly preserved Old Town, a royal castle and several fascinating areas. The historical districts are big enough such that you won’t be bored and yet nothing is so far apart that you couldn’t comfortably reach on foot. On top, there is a great number of superb travel destinations in the vicinity.


Warsaw mermaid
The capital of Poland is an exciting city of contrasts with a poignant history to tell. Severely demolished (destroyed up to 85%) in World War II: to see the contrasts visit the Old Town and the remains of the Jewish ghetto area.

Postwar reconstruction implanted socialist realist architecture and drab housing blocks, while post-communism development brought glossy and award-winning modern buildings.


wieliczka salt mine
Possibly the most famous salt mine and oldest functioning business enterprise in the world. Salt has been mined here since the 13th century and probably even earlier.

Today there are 300 km of surviving corridors spread over 9 floors as deep as 327 m underground. Your visit to this subterranean kingdom of salt (12 km from Kraków) will be unforgettable.


Auschwitz-Birkenau is synonymous with terror, cruelty and the Shoah – the annihilation of European Jews. This is the largest of the former Nazi German concentration and extermination camps.

The surviving barracks now house a very graphic museum of the Holocaust recounting the terror inflicted on various
nationalities jailed and gassed on the location.
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