10 Poland’s attractions to visit online

Even if your long-awaited holidays will have to be postponed for the next year, it doesn’t mean you cannot travel to Poland online! Stay at home, sit comfortably on the couch, make a cup of your favorite tea and take yourself for a virtual journey to the most interesting and remarkable places in Poland. Check our choice of 10 locations which bring your travel experience to virtual reality, but with the same sentimental and emotional intensity as the traditional visit.

The Castle Museum, Pszczyna

Pszczyna castle

This breathtaking neo-baroque aristocratic residence is located 80 kilometers away from Krakow. You will find there authentic interiors from the 19th and early 20th centuries. During your virtual walk, you will see all three storeys, including a truly monumental staircase, bedrooms, the portrait gallery of the owner’s forebears, workshops (not available during the traditional visit) and underground treasury exhibit of European and Oriental armor. Don’t forget to turn the speakers on 😊

Visit the castle in Pszczyna online: http://www.zamek-pszczyna.home.pl/wz

The Basilica of St. Stanislaus and the Dominican Monastery, Lublin

Lublin cloister

This architectural complex is one of the oldest and most valuable religious buildings in Lublin, bearing the European Heritage Label. Founded in 1342 by King Casimir the Great, witnessed the ratification of the Union between the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. What’s more, the church has been famous as a place keeping some of the relics of the Holy Cross. Almost entirely basilica is available for sightseeing, including the Chapel of St. Stanislaus and the Tyszkiewicz’s one with religious statues and The “Last Judgment” fresco in the Dome.
Visit online: http://kulturanazlotej.pl/interaktywny-plan-bazyliki/?lang=en

Museum of the Contemporary Art (MOCAK), Krakow

2727 MOCAK 2011

Museum presents the latest art collection of 4000 works by more than 200 Polish and foreign artists of the lasts two decades, including photographs, paintings, sculptures and videos.
So far, eleven presentations were shown in the following series: History in Art, Sport in Art, Economics in Art, Crime in Art, Gender in Art and more.
Visit online: https://en.mocak.pl/virtual-tour

Royal Castle, Warsaw

Royal castle, Warsaw, Poland

A monument of tumult Polish history has been placed on the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage Sites, together with the Warsaw Old Town. Literally razed to the ground in 1944, it was rebuilt thanks to the public funds. Some found the Royal Castle ascetic from the outside, but when you enter its interiors, you will be surprised by the rich decorations. The most impressive are for sure the chiseled ornaments gilded with gold leaves and walls almost entirely covered with marble (stunning the Marble Room). Do not miss the Royal Apartments with 22 paintings by Canaletto and the Senators’ Chamber, where the Constitution of the Third May was signed.

Visit the Royal Castle in Warsaw online: https://www.ai360.pl/panoramy/85,103


Old Town in Poznan

This multicultural city attracts people from all over the world. No wonder: it contains everything to satisfy various tourist desires! The captivating Old Town with the Renaissance Town Hall is one of the most beautiful example of Polish culture. The oldest part of the city, Ostrow Tumski, attracts attention with a more than 1000 years old cathedral and the archeological site. Another cultural dimension represents the Shopping, Arts and Business Center “Stary Browar” (Old Brewery), located in restored brewery complex from the 19th century. “Stary Browar” hosts a lot of cultural and entertainment events. All these places are available to see on the interactive map of Poznan: http://www.visitpoland.online/poznan

Gorges of Kazimierz Dolny

kazimierz dolny

The most scenic natural local wonders and Europe’s densest deep gorge network were formed by the continuous erosion of the loess soil caused by rain and thaw water. The most incredible one, Korzeniowy Dol, is situated only a few kilometers from the center of Kazimierz Dolny. It is a sunken lane, cut by people in a loess slope to establish a road to the fields. The unique part of this natural monument is a high, almost vertical cliff, from which grow out twisted, protruding roots of old trees, creating something like a green roof.

Visit Kazimierz Dolny online: http://zwiedzajlubelskie.pl/kr/kazimierzdolny_wawoz

The Zamoyski Palace, Kozlowka

kozlowka palace

The most magnificent and famous palace and park complex from the first half of the 18th century was a seat of the Bielinski and Zamoyski noble families. Its interiors were adapted after the luxurious, eclectic style of the Second Empire, hoping to overshadow the homes of other aristocratic families. The elegant staircase and the palace chapel took inspiration from their Versailles counterparts! Behind the palace, you will find the fairy-tale garden in a French style. Who knows, maybe you even encounter beautiful peacocks?
Visit Kozlowka Palace online: http://zwiedzajlubelskie.pl/kozlowka

Wroclaw Main Square

Fountaon on the Market Square in Wrocław

Wroclaw – European Capital of Culture in 2016 – is becoming a truly international melting pot nowadays. The city is bearing the traces of Czech, German and Polish rule. Colorful tenement houses in the busy Old Town, splendid medieval churches in Ostrow Tumski (the oldest part of the city), or the beautiful Opera House – all these tourist attractions are the witnesses of the town’s former splendor which is not extinguished the present day.
Take a virtual tour of Wroclaw: http://www.holoit.com/wroclaw/en/#

Ksiaz Castle, Walbrzych

Ksiaz castle

The largest castle in the Silesia region, a real gem of medieval residences in Poland, was experienced the glory at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to its owners: Prince John Henry XV von Hochberg and his wife, Princess Daisy. By visiting the dedicated website, you can see this impressive construction with a large garden complex, surrounded by hills, and follow the information about the local stallion stables. Who would not like to go back to the times when the aristocracy ruled?
Visit the Ksiaz Castle online: https://www.ksiaz.walbrzych.pl/virtual_tour/en/

See also our Mysterious Silesia tour, which includes a visit to the Ksiaz Castle.

The Passion-Marian Sanctuary, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Kalwaria Zebrzydowska

Among the hills and peaks of the Beskid Makowski mountain range, you’ll come across the avenues for pilgrims lined with chapels and small churches. In the center of this natural sacred scenery stands a Baroque church and a monastery of the Observants, both inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as the Mannerist Architectural and Park Landscape Complex and Pilgrimage Park. Feel the unique spiritual atmosphere and follow the path of the Stations of the Cross.
Visit Kalwaria Zebrzydowska sanctuary: https://kalwaria.wkraj.pl/html5/index.php?id=56320&lng=EN

Hello, this is Earth calling! Yes, I’m talking to you! It’s time to back to reality! How are your holiday plans look right now?
Having quite a big sort of knowledge, you are well prepared to discover Poland!

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