Weather in Poland

Poland lies in a moderate zone with mixed continental and oceanic climate influences. The warmest areas of the country are the Silesian Lowland and Sandomierska Upland, while the “coldest pole” of Poland is the town of Suwalki on the north-eastern edge of the country. The average annually temperature is about 6-8 degrees Celsius while the rainfall is estimated at 700 mm.

Leaving meteorology and geography aside, it is useful to know that the weather in Poland is highly unpredictable and varied. The summertime can be really hot, though usually temperatures are around 20-25 °C and the best time to take a holiday here is August, which is generally sunny and very warm with some hot days. Winters can be really cold, with the chance of snow from November till March. From year to year you never know when the snow will fall and how long it will lie, except in the mountains where it usually covers the slopes all winter, so skiing conditions are generally good, especially December to February.

During the autumn and spring the weather is often changeable – you are likely to enjoy moderately warm temperatures from April to June and from September to October, but it is also possible to see snow in April or people wearing short-sleeves in October. Anyway, many people consider the spring and autumn to be the most beautiful seasons to visit Poland. They are good for travelling in, making for less tiring and so more enjoyable travel when you can avoid hard frost or sweltering heat. The weather in Poland is also characterised by transitional periods between the four seasons of the year.

As the weather here can be quite unpredictable, to get the best out of your Polish experience it is important to include both an umbrella and sunglasses, necessary equipment all year long.


Average temperature Average precipitation
January -3.3 °C / 26.1 °F 21 mm
February -2.1 °C / 28.2 °F 20 mm
March 1.9 °C / 35.4 °F 23 mm
April 7.7 °C / 45.9 °F 15 mm
May 13.5 °C / 56.3 °F 58 mm
June 16.7 °C / 62.1 °F 70 mm
July 18.0 °C / 64.4 °F 68 mm
August 17.3 °C / 63.1 °F 61 mm
September 13.1 °C / 55.6 °F 42 mm
October 8.2 °C / 46.8 °F 35 mm
November 3.2 °C / 37.8 °F 41 mm
December -0.9 °C / 30.4 °F 32 mm


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