Polish provinces

Today's Poland consists of 16 provinces (voivodships), according to the last changes implemented in 1999. The present division largely reflects the historical regions of the country. An earlier Poland was divided into 49 voivodships based on the bigger cities. Lower administrative levels are the “powiat” (county) and the “gmina” (community).

The largest and the most populated province is Masovia, with its capital of Warsaw. This province is roughly the size of Maryland and Connecticut or Belgium and Estonia. The most densely populated province is industrial Silesia (about 400 people per square kilometre, while the average in Poland is approximately 130). The least populated areas are the districts of the Masurian Lakeland and Podlachia, which are attractive tourist destinations because of their untouched wildlife and copious supply of lakes. The most often visited areas are Little Poland with the old capital of Krakow and the spectacular Tatra Mountains. Western Pomerania and Pomerania, the voivodships that run along the coastline, are also very popular for their sandy beaches, numerous lakes and forests.



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